Monday, July 18, 2011

Random things that make me smile n°3

St. Jude... Patron of desperate situations

I went driving the other day... I really needed out of the city... Drove for about an hour... Stopped for cake and coffee... Stopped into a church I passed along the way... Well, I got down on my knees... I digress... ;)


  1. Sounds like a line from "Stormy Monday" (see Allman Brothers...) Hoping you had a lovely cake and coffee... is that what you were praying about ? Praying for the strength to resist the temptation to partake of cake too often ???

    Classic example here :

    (It wasn't cheesecake by any chance ??? :-)

  2. @M.P: First time you've ever commented here!! Thank you!!

    @Owen: No cheesecake, no... Hazelnut Nutella cake... It was mighty good, will have to clone their recipe!!
    I would never pray for that... Hahaha!! I have dessert every day and would never change that ;)

    My Allman Brothers cover was "Stormy Tuesday" lol! Drove under tropical storm... hehehe!

  3. I think that this experience in your life resembles a scene from a movie :)

  4. Hey Olga!

    I kind of felt like being in a film, yes... Running under the rain and hiding from it in a church... I had tons of fun :)

  5. It's kind of nice to do something totally different for a change isn't it?
    Love Di ♥

  6. Hi Di!

    It is... :) Loved every second of it :)

    Tons of love! XXX

  7. Every day ??!? What's your secret then ??? How do you stay so... so... so svelte ???

    Hmmm, nutella hazlenut... could be good... my 14 year daughter was just munching nutella on toast for breakfast... errr, brunch, because she slept all morning...

  8. I blame it all (More like I'm forever thankful)on my great-grandma's genes... She was this long and lean amazing creature!

    I wish I could sleep all morning!! Have a great weekend, Owen!!

  9. Agree with the other comments - does sound like a movie scene. And it's such a great idea to escape for a while, especially, if the journey includes a piece of cake. :)


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